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First We Cut the Cord, Now We Sell the Tellie

I got this knot of tension today for the stupidest reason,. My wife and I decided to take cord-cutting to another step. We’re selling our 42-inch Sony TV, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku 3, HDMI-switcher, and stand. We’ll keep Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast, for future time when we might buy a 1080p PC monitor for streaming.

I posted to Craigslist and several buyers responded. One of them comes by in about three hours. OMG! There’s no TV tonight! [Read more]

RT News
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RT News is Punchy, Aggressive, and Provocative

For the summer I’m doing this “Microsoft All-In“, which makes Windows Phone my mobile platform. The app ecosystem improves, but the gaps range from disappointing to perplexing. Choices often aren’t as good as Android or iOS. Windows Phone is the third world of operating systems. You live in envy and make do with less.

There are ridiculous gems, some of which I look and wonder: “Why is that one available?” There are no official BBC or NPR apps, but—known during another era as Russia Today—is there. The app is pretty good, too. But given Windows Phone’s low global sales share, I wonder why the news service would even bother. Not that I mind. [Read more]

Taking pictures in the blue mosque

Smartphones come of Age

Wired hits a homer with an incredible August issue on smartphones. As battery life and utility expand, so does my device’s use as secondary—and sometimes primary—device. Nokia Lumia Icon is all the digital device I carried to San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Snap. Edit. Share. And I took notes during the panels. It’s not a question if my smartphone replaces a PC but when.

Five years ago (this month) I asserted, perhaps a bit prematurely, that “Your Next PC is a Smartphone“. That was before the tablet craze sidelined attention, but I’m convinced the smartphone’s day is come—and so do Wired editors. [Read more]

Breaking in the Grados

I’m not big on selfies, but Grado Labs headphones require visuals to appreciate, because they’re like none other. I cleaned out all my birthday money and added Craigslist sales (e.g., my Sony Premium Bluetooth headphones) to buy a pair of RS1e. About 18 months ago, I sold my RS1i for the wireless convenience of the Sonys and regretted right away. [Read more]

Neko Sleeps

The Nokia Lumia Icon is consistently one of the best dSLRs I have ever used. You read that right. I don’t desire a big-ass camera carrying this little beauty. I shot all of San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with the smartphone, which delivers even better for video.

I cropped and edited this photo of Neko using Adobe Photoshop Express on Windows 8.1. Zoom in to see detail of the fur.