Neko Sleeps

The Nokia Lumia Icon is consistently one of the best dSLRs I have ever used. You read that right. I don’t desire a big-ass camera carrying this little beauty. I shot all of San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with the smartphone, which delivers even better for video.

I cropped and edited this photo of Neko using Adobe Photoshop Express on Windows 8.1. Zoom in to see detail of the fur.

Joe and Neko

Today I started updating my profile photo with the one taken by my wife this morning. She used the Nokia Lumia Icon, which is a fantastic shooter. I edited and square-cropped (because that’s the profile photo style) using Windows 8.1 app KVADPhoto+ Pro.

The last profile pic had me carrying our long lost Maine Coon Kuma (Japanese for bear). Here I hold Neko (Japanese for cat). Seriously, he’s not that big. It’s an optical illusion, but I don’t mind, seeing is how the contrast makes me look thinner.

Photo Credit: Anne Wilcox

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More Chromebook to Come

Last week, while I attended San Diego Comic-Con, the ASUS 300M Chromebook arrived for review. I will work on the review concurrently with a new ebook tentatively titled Choose the Right Chromebook, while also updating Chromebook Matters. The original is a primer for potential buyers. The companion will be a collection of reviews.

As for the 300M, I cracked the lid for a quick spin this morning. Right away, I like the screen. Viewing angles and brightness are about the same as other Chromebooks—meaning not that great—but the matte finish makes the display much more viewable.

Reflective and 200-nits is a losing combination. Among the non-IPS screens, the initial viewing experience is on par with the Samsung Series 5 550, which display also is matte, and because of the finish looks brighter than it is.

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My Books are Now Exclusive to Amazon

I have removed my ebooks from Google Play and all stores but one. Amazon. The decision wasn’t easy, but as an author I believe it is the right one. The retailer just launched Kindle Unlimited, which some social sharers call the “Netflix for books”. Subscribers pay $9.99 per month for whatever written or audio books participate in the program, and Amazon claims 600,000 titles.

To join the Kindle Unlimited program, independent publishers must put their books into KDP Select and give exclusivity for 90-day intervals (or longer). As a writer and reader, I love the “Netflix for books” concept, but as an independent publisher my participation means commitment to Amazon.[Read more]

Surface Pro 3 Keyboard
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I write Affirmative Headlines

This morning, I responded to a Betanews commenter who asks: “I’m curious though about one thing and have been for a time. Does a Editor or someone else choose your titles or do you?” He responded to my story “I’m Microsoft All-In“, writing: “I personally have found my groove with ‘All-in Apple. for many years.

He asks a good question, and I answer at length, which I share below (and not in block quotes for readability reasons): [Read more]