In the daylight, I got a couple good snaps of Cali, in another off-the-cuff X100T test. One shot is from the perch and the other from the fridge. The first is Macro, by accident, f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 2500. The other (right) is f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 1250. Full-size shots are available from my X100T Flickr set, or, separately, here and here.

I am a bit grumbly about choosing the X100T over the X-T1 this morning. Fuji will release on December 18 a firmware update that adds most of the features that swayed me to choose the X100T, which arrived about 21 hours ago. This is good customer service, though, for existing owners, and I won’t forget the benefit. I complain today, but long term it’s way to go, Fuji. [Read more]

Jewelry Stuff

Battery finally charged, I started shooting with the Fujifilm X100T, JPEG + RAW and Chrome film simulation. In the low light, I had a helluva time shooting kitty Cali. She’s just too dark for the autofocus. So I switched to my wife jewelry workspace. [Read more]

For those who delight in digital camera porn, feast your grubby eyes on the Fujifilm X100T, which I received today. These are the first shots out of the box, taken with iPhone 6, of the retro-rangefinder-style camera—third generation in the series (I reviewed the original, the X100, in 2011).

I stopped my greediness to set up the X100T to get these pics posted. Enjoy! More photos, from the camera, and a review are forthcoming. The Fuji’s main purpose will be investigative storytelling, which I will explain more about in a future post.

Times Square
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Fujifilm X100T or X-T1?

My Fujifilm X100T arrives tomorrow (ordered from Adorama). Fabulous photos like this make me regret not choosing the manufacturer’s X-T1, which in all the samples viewed during my buying research produces sharper images. Then there is the benefit of all-weather use, as you can see.

Juan Gonzalez posted the photo last night on Google+ and gave permission this morning to use it here. The view is Times Square, f/4, 1/125 sec, ISO 800. There’s a 3-D quality and sharpness that really appeals to my photographic senses. The X100T samples produced by professional photographic reviewers all look a little soft to me, by comparison. [Read more]

Tween and Her Mac

I shot this 10 year-old photo (July 2004) with Nikon D70, which is a classic. Among all the digicams ever held in my hands, the the 5MP shooter produced some of the sharpest, and most-satisfying pics. Anyone who tells you megapixels matter most, is clueless (I’m in a good mood and resisted “an idiot”).

The family had all our computers in my cluttered, basement office, where my daughter sits before her iMac G4 playing NeoPets online.