Yahoo Mail Fail
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Yahoo searches for Itself

Ah, shucks, I missed Yahoo’s 19th birthday yesterday. That’s okay, because 20 will matter more. Yahoo is cloud computing’s elder statesmen, long before anyone used the term. Just a handful of first-wave dotcoms—Amazon is another—are public companies today, making the transition from venture-backed startup with a dream and no viable revenue source ahead.

Yahoo is a warrior. A survivor. A transformer. I use the latter term not to describe a company that transforms industries but one that transforms itself. Yahoo is many things over 19 years—search engine, web portal, and media mogul to name a few. Under CEO Marissa Mayer, the company changes again, but still seeks new identity. Good luck with that.[Read more]

Kickstarter Hacked

In June I opened a Kickstarter account intending to crowdfund a book. I chose Indiegogo instead, and now regret considering the other. As you can see from the screen capture of the email I received today, Kickstarter informed registered users that it has been hacked. While I don’t use the same password for every  website, there’s concern enough to consider changing others. Lovely.

My question: Why did law enforcement, and not Kickstarter, catch this?

I called GoDaddy today and got a welcome surprise. There’s a new policy for phone requests. If 2-factor security is enabled, the caller must give the six-digit code sent by text message to access the account. Oh yeah.